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Soothing Anxiety Range

Perfect for every day use

  • A perfect addition to your travel self care travel kit for pre-flight and on flight nerves.
  • Soothes those nerves at job interviews.
  • Soothes nerves for your teenager [over12yrs] heading to a new school or college.
  • Use when stressed by an argument at home.

In Your car, handbag and work

  • Have handy in your car. handbag or back-pack.
  • Handy when driving in stressful traffic everyday
  • Use when there’s tension at work with a colleague, breath in and relax.
  • Give a gift to a friend or family who would benefit from having this blend on hand.

Anxiety Relief - Be Calm Range

A potent blend of therapeutic grade medicinal plant based essential oils to help with treatment of anxiety relief

Topical Application on skin or breathe in aromatic, use only.  Not for internal use.

A perfect addition to your travel self-care pack if nervous of flying.   a blend of  Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium

Read more about anxiety relief herbs >

How you benefit:

  • Stabilises hormonal and stress-related conditions.
  • A potent nervous system tonic that restores balance and a sense of stability during times of stress.
  • Helps calm swings of mood and energy.
  • Eases nervous tension when under stress or experiencing nerves with flying.
  • Feel a sense of steadiness in your mental state.
  • Instant relief to the sympathetic nervous and para-sympathetic nervous systems.
  • Restores the nervous system into balance.
  • Opens up your airways and lungs to manage hyperventilating. 
  • Aids mental alertness.
  • Calms breathing for deeper breathing.
  • Italians have used Bergamot as an essential oil for years to reduce feelings of stress.
  • Treatment of anxiety relief through natural remedies

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