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Stress relief products created and handcrafted in New Zealand

Hi I'm Eloise Tzimas, founder of Herbal Healing.

Here's WHY I created herbal healing and stress relief products.

I witnessed three of my family members endure prolonged periods of stress and anxiety, eventually resulting in serious, fatal health issues. This experience has been a strong driver for me to develop Herbal Healing and provide essential therapeutic products that support people through stressful times, minimizing the symptoms of prolonged stress and anxiety and reducing the impact of the creating disease in the body.

“I am an advocate of natural, organic, herbal and plant based medicines.  I myself have recovered from a diagnosis of breast cancer, with extremely positive results.  It was my ability from previous training around the world, with different shamans, natural medicine teachers, exploring and understanding the quantum energy field, plant based medicines and natural healing and training, that enabled me move through the journey and recover”. 

“My wish is to provide uplifting and balancing products, herbal medicines and educate individuals to have optimal health and wellness.   I want to play a role on a global level, in the reduction of stress and anxiety related symptoms and subsequent health issues, through potent remedies that individuals can take, and the healing of trauma that resides in the energy field’. 

  • Eloise is certified in Herbal Medicine and Chinese Medicine Philosophy and has her own practice working with individuals and groups.  Eloise is a Wellness Coach, Healing Practitioner and facilitator of programs promoting and educating individuals in areas of energy management and re-calibration, healing through the power of plant based medicines and increasing self awareness, removing old beliefs and patterns.
  • Eloise works with groups to teach how to manage energy, increase consciousness, understanding self, shift original core beliefs and educate how people can transform towards an optimal and abundant life on their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

About our Herbal Healing stress relief products!

Created and handcrafted in New Zealand to support you during times of stress and to relieve and soothe your nervous system resulting in minimising anxiety and symptoms.  Herbal Healing products are crafted in New Zealand, made fresh using herbs and essential oils in their purest form.

Our range of Herbal Healing products are therapeutic and designed to either support you through times of stress and anxiety by bringing relief and calm to the nervous system.

We are launching our new range that stimulates your system and lifts energy resulting in feeling vibrant and ready to go!!  Watch this space new Herbal Healing products are on the way.


What is anxiety ?

The most common condition in today’s current global climate. Research continues to show proven statistics that the effects of prolonged and continued stress can lead to more serious mental, physical and emotional issues.

Long term anxiety causes fatigue due to adrenals pumping out cortisol (chronic fatigue syndrome, a prolonged stressed condition).

Without a strategy to control and minimize effects on our internal system, the outcomes can manifest more serious conditions such as chronic fatigue or periods of fatigue, irritability, loss of focus and concentration and escalate to illness.We are now experiencing an explosion in more work stress, due to high intensity roles, overwhelm, doing more with less resource and working to tight deadlines.Individuals experience burn out and complete overload which can result in significant negative impact on the adrenal and nervous systems.

How Herbal Healings stress relief products will help:

Our Herbal Healing Calm range:
a stress management strategy that can support you to mange stress.
Calm opens the airways in the chest, grounds you more into your body, and communicates to the central and autonomic nervous system to relax whilst leading you to take deeper breaths to bring more oxygen into your system.

Other strategies are: Walking, going to bed early, daily light exercise, eating a balanced and nourishing diet.

Common anxiety signs & symptoms include:


Do you feel overwhelmed by loads of work, shallow breathing, or shortness of breath?


Feeling weak or tired and at times have difficulty concentrating or thinking about anything other than worry.


Anxiousness, emotionally fragile, at times triggered by small things and can even experience emotional outbursts.



Want to learn more?

Read more about Herbal Healing by visiting our blog section below!

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